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Roger Dubuis Velvet Secret Heart

Roger Dubuis  Velvet Secret Heart
2016 is the year of the Roger Dubuis Diva.

At the SIHH 2016, Roger Dubuis is preparing to raise the curtain on a array of Velvet timepieces offering confirmation of its ability to meet women’s expectations by expressing various facets of feminine nature. The new Velvet Secret Heart is the expression of a woman who naturally expects a timepiece to be both gorgeous to look at but technical at the same time.

Two rows of sparkling diamonds rim the bezel and the inner bezel ring, surrounding two arcs of a circle bearing the Arabic date numerals that in turn frame radiating Roman numerals and the classic tonneau-shaped centre of the Velvet. Almost like a Russian doll, or like swathes of velvety fabric with a sparkling trim, the successive semi- circles can beread both as opening up towards the exterior, or as gently guiding the gaze towards the heart of its true nature: the central tonneau shape that creates the inimitable trompe l’oeil effect.

Except in this instance, this creation harbours a second, secret heart that remains truly hidden: Amid several fascinating plays on symmetry accentuating the distinctive charm of this model, the curved layout of the slanting Roman numerals and the extra- large upright XII and VI conjure up visions of a precious vase, brimming with the magic of time. The RD821B movement with its double-retro- grade date function makes an ideal match for the tonneau shape since it follows the symmetry of the dial and sensually hugs its every curve.

Product Strategy Director Gregory Bruttin provides some insights into the thinking behind this creation. “While Roger Dubuis has a history of providing retrograde calendar displays that have become embedded in its DNA, there were two main reasons behind our decision to use this kind of approach on the Velvet Secret Heart. Firstly, the smaller (36mm) diameter of a ladies’ watch made it even more important to ensure the readability of this indication that is eminently useful in daily life and not merely decorative. And secondly, the choice of a bi-retrograde interpretation provided even more space and enabled us to accentuate the intensely magnetic femininity of the dial by opening up an almost 360° panorama and hiding the hands.”

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