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Corum Bubble Paiste

Corum Bubble Paiste
Famous cymbal manufacturer Paiste and Corum worked together in order to create the Bubble Paiste, a watch with a dial being the exact miniature version of a cymbal.

Craftsmanship, know-how and high quality standards : three values that Paiste and Corum have in common.
The two swiss brands joined forces by creating a timepiece with a dial being the exact miniature version of a cymbal. Just like Paiste cymbals, every dial is finished by hand, therefore every timepiece is unique.

From the stainless steel case – treated with black PVD – to the strap being black rubber with a matte black calf leather inlay, a full black dressing was selected to make the miniature version stand out from its case. The full black dress refers very well to one of the most renowned styles of music Paiste has served for more than 40 years now, Rock Music! Supplying the best drummers of the biggest bands in the history of Rock Music such as Kiss, Pink Floyd or AC/DC, Paiste is a brand of reference in the musicians’ world.

The Corum Bubble Paiste is powered by the C0110 automatic movement, which operates at 28,000 vph and has a power reserve of 42 hours. The watch is limited to 350 pieces only.

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