The boutique “Chronograph” and Jaquet Droz held a joint unique project on September 24

The boutique “Chronograph” and Jaquet Droz held a joint unique project on September 24
On September 24 at “Chronograph” boutique was held presentation of “JaquetDroz” unique timepiece – Petite Heure Minute 43 mm “Old Tbilisi View”.

History of JaquetDroz, a famous Swiss watchmaker, starts in 1738. Pier JaquetDroz, the founder of the company, made fascinating and unique watches in that period. His watches with amazingly accurate mechanism and sophisticated technique of enamel miniature paintings became genuine work of art. “JaquetDroz” watches were recognized by all the royal families of that period.

“JaquetDroz” still maintains its leading position among the world watchmakers and represents the oldest traditions and history of the brand in numerous countries of the world. The company manufactures watches with miniature dials decorated with symbols of different countries and cities.

“JaquetDroz” is an official partner ofBejat Ballet Lousanne. Cooperation between “JaquetDroz” and Bejart’s ballet company began with a wonderful performance and took place in the same hall, Versailles, where Henry LuiJaquetDroz had presented his “Automaton” to Lui XVI in 1775.

On September 24 Bejart’s ballet group had a premiere at Tbilisi Concert Hall.

The “Chronograph” boutique specially chose the day for presentation of “JaquetDroz” unique timepiece. Old Tbilisi View miniature is painted on an ivory enamel dial and the bottom with personalized engraving. Watch is a limited production in 3 pieces and is represented in 2 colors: grey and red gold. One of the oldest photos of DimitryErmakov with an “Old Tbilisi View”, dated years 1870-1917, inspired Chronograph team to create a unique project. The presentation was held at “Chronograph” boutique.