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Guarantee Terms

Warranty Conditions

1.      The warranty on the watch applies only to the mechanism, the warranty does not apply if:

1.1.The defect has been caused by natural tear and wear;

1.2.Any damage made to the frame, glass, wristlet, chain, box and / or any other accessory (e.g.: the damage that may be caused by a car accident, careless or improper use of the watch and / or other reasons);

1.3.In case of the damage caused by improper use of the watch in an aqueous environment;

1.4.In case of any damage to the watch crown (e.g.: the watch crown has been broken, dropped out, jammed and / or so on);

1.5.In case of any damage to the glass;

1.6.In case of using an unlicensed battery;

1.7.In case of any interference made by a watchmaker other than of “Watch World” Ltd.;

1.8.In case of tear and wear caused by improper use of a watch or wristlet. For example, damage caused by contact with perfumes, other cosmetics or chemical elements;

1.9.In case of deletion or replacement of the serial number of the watch or any other component;

1.10.                    In case of the damage caused by negligent handling of the watch;

During the warranty period, the replacement of the watch battery is done free of charge by a watchmaker of “Watch World” Ltd. When applying to the service center, you must present the warranty document (certificate) provided at the time of the purchase of the watch.

The maintenance of the watch:

1.      The water resistance of the watch should be checked periodically (at least once a year) at a licensed service center;

2. Before carrying the watch you must make sure that the watch crown is in the zero position (i.e. pushed in), and if it is screwed, you must make sure that it is in a screwed-down position;

3.      It is not recommended to carry the watch in a salt and chlorinated water (especially gold models);

The watch is not subject to sharp changes in temperature (switching from hot to sharply cold, or vice versa) or to the effects of very hot (+ 60C) and cold (-0˚C) temperatures (except for specific models). The watch shall not be exposed to magnetic fields such as metal detectors or electromagnetic equipment. This may damage your watch mechanism (except for specific models).


The maximum service life of the watch battery is 5 years, although this period depends on the specific model of the watch, its size and the frequency of its functional load. If the stopwatch blinks once every 4 seconds, this indicates a malfunction of the battery. In this case, you should contact the service center immediately.

Leather wristlet  

To keep a leather wristlet in a good condition, you need to protect it from:

·         water and moisture;

·         prolonged exposure to sunlight in order to prevent the wristlet from fading;

·         fat-containing materials and cosmetics;


The warranty does not apply to the wristlet.



The frequency of the maintenance depends on the model of the watch, the climatic conditions and the culture of using the watch (damages caused by negligence and carelessness).

It is advisable to carry out a full technical examination of the watch once every 3-5 years.


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