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17 Jan 2020

For almost a century a special symbol of love has existed in Florence. Legend has it that if a couple attaches a padlock to the Ponte Vecchio and throws the key into the Arno River then their love will last forever. The romantic atmosphere of the bridge, together with the symbolic power of the padlock is perfect for creating a deep bond between two people. A bond that carries with it the image of the sun rising over the Arno River, the sound of stolen kisses in the shade of the day, the magic of the street lamps accompanying the night.

Honouring this tradition, Ponte Vecchio Gioielli has brought this iconic gesture to life. A jewel embodies a secret emotion, a lock unites shared feelings. And so every jewel they create is packaged in a box held closed with a special padlock to celebrate the magic of the Ponte Vecchio. This is their tribute to those who continue to believe in the power of love and the purity of passion.


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